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 Library 1 Library 2  The school provides excellent library and reading room facilities. It is well stocked with books covering all spheres of activities and varied tastes. The school subscribes to many magazines and newspapers. 
Reading Room facilities are provided within the Library and students are encouraged to utilize this facility. The students have two compulsory periods for library per week. Each student is allowed to borrow two to three books at a time.  Vidyalaya library is also equipped with a T.V Set & VCD on which primary students can watch educational CD & CD's of short stories. 

Science Laboratories

 Science Lab 1  Science Lab 2 To cultivate the scientific attitude of students the Vidyalaya has a well equipped science & mathematical lab. There are various models in the lab to make teaching & learning more interesting. The Vidyalaya Organizes science exhibition and selected projects are sent to regional and National level participation. 


Drawing   In order to develop creative mind of students Vidyalaya has well decorated drawing room. The Vidyalaya has beautiful paintings prepared by students & teacher himself. In addition to this art has been displayed in the corridors. The students are taught to do block painting & make thermocol Sculptures.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab 1  Computer Lab 2   The school has a well equipped and well maintained computer section with 20 computers on the network. Every effort is being made to utilize the available facilities and develop computer awareness in each and very student. All the teachers are computer literate so as to teach the students in the best possible way.  
Keeping in view the age of technological advancements the Vidyalaya provides computer education to students from class I to XII.